Jessica Phillips is one of the hosts on Wipeout Canada and she co-hosts.

Jessica Phillips is one of the unlockable hosts of Wipeout Canada.

In the Premiere, she sings the reprise of A Night to Remember from High School Musical 3: Senior Year, but she went to prom with Sara Agnew.

In Bernadette's Potty Mouth, there was a potty mouth from Bernadette Lagrito, when she appeared there was a bachelor from Saskatoon. There was a boss named Jennifer Thompson, who was gigantic and she was replaced with Kelsi Nielsen.

In Beauties Vs. Geeks, the geek in disguise Ron Wear appeared also with the other beauties. There was a girl named Terri Jonah, who quits the Qualifier and she is replaced with Kelsi Nielsen.

In Athletes Edition, there was an error saying Pembroke, Alberta (Nicky Sapera for Canadian fencing) but Kelsi Nielsen puts it back to Pembroke, Ontario and Trina Vega gets mad.

In Photo Bomber, a photo bomber contestant named Nathan Collins from Abbotsford, British Columbia or Calgary, Alberta appeared. Much like Sheik.

In East vs. West, another error when Trent Taylor is from the west coast but Kelsi Nielsen changes it to the East coast.

In Chocolate Thunder, there were two Canadian arm wrestlers from Pembroke, Ontario named Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen but Tasha and Uniqua are both trying to force you in a rematch while the song Fabulous from High School Musical 2 heard and Taylor McKessie hates Kathy McCardle.