Jeralean Talley (born May 23, 1899 - died June 17, 2015)[1] was an American supercentenarian who was, at the age of 116 years, the oldest living resident of Michigan, the oldest living black person upon the death of Louisiana Hines on Ben and Toad's Contest season 1 finale, the oldest living female, and the oldest person in the world.


Talley has lived in Inkster, Michigan for most of her life, and is a charter member (having a designated seat) of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church. She bowled until the age of 104. At her 113th birthday party, Talley named "the Lord" as her secret to a long life.[2]

She celebrated her 116th birthday the day before the 2015 Indy 500. She died on June 17, 2015; just a month short of Jiroemon Kimura at 116 years, 25 days.


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