Jamia Simone Nash (born August 21, 1996), also known simply as Jamia, is an American singer and actress.


Nash's first national and only appearance on Super Smash Bros. Bowl was on The Backyardigans in 2004 where she played singing Uniqua for the first three seasons, where she sang the Canadian National Arm Wrestling Champion Allen Ford (played by Rodger Bumpass) of Pembroke's hit reprise song of Bet on It by Troy Bolton ("Bet on It (Reprise)"). She performed at the 2013 Wipeout Canada Awards, singing Kelsi Nielsen by Olesya Rulin and HSM Cast's song "Everyday" from High School Musical 2 in honor of Pearl Krabs (by Lori Alan). She and her younger sister Olivia sing the hook in the song "Black Girl Pain" on Ron Langton's 2013 album The Heart of the Ottawa Valley.