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Italy is a country in Europe. The country has an area of approx 301,400, it is one of the 75 largest countries in the world, although not one of the 70. With a population of about 60,825,000, it is one of the 50 most populous countries ever. The country borders the smallest country, Vatican City, San Marino, France, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland.

Italy has hosted many game shows during the first season of Ben and Toad's Contest, including Family Feud (hosted by the Russians.) Italian Arianna Fontana was chosen by Slovene Gloria Kotnik to host Strictly Come Dancing in any BATC season (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8).

Italy's second-oldest person ever was Venere Pizzinato-Papo, who died in 2011 aged 114 years, 252 days (one year less than Christian Mortensen, although Dina Manfredini died in the United States). The oldest living Italian is Emma Morano-Martinuzzi.


Italy has hosted the Winter Olympic Games, in 1956. It came back to host again in Italy in 2006 after five decades off not hosting the Winter Olympics.

Italy hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1934 and 1990. They have won four titles; in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. Italy qualified expect for one: 1958 but didn't even enter the 1930 World Cup.

In tennis, two Italians, Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci, played the 2015 US Open women's singles final; Pennetta won the match in straights and allowed her to win the title but announced her retirement two months later. Sara Errani eventually made the 2012 Roland Garros final from outside the top 20.

Italy vs GermanyEdit

Italy started playing Germany after the season 1 final.

Season 2Edit

Unseeded Italy played Germany most of the time, normally in IndyCar; but Germany won the head to head instead.

Week Airdate Winner Qualifying Winner
1 16 February 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany
2 23 February 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany
3 2 March 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany
4 9 March 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany
5 16 March 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany
6 23 March 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany Flag of Germany.svg Germany
7 30 March 2013 Flag of Italy.svg Italy
8 6 April 2013 Flag of Germany.svg Germany Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Notable ItaliansEdit

Those famous Italians or Derby Dead Pool picks were born (raised, or died) in Italy:

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