Ireen Wüst
Women's 3000m, 2014 Winter Olympics, Ireen Wust won


1 April 1986

Known for

Olympic gold medalist speed skater

First appearance

Ben and Toad's Contest season 6 week 1

Ireen Wüst (born April 1, 1986) is a Dutch long track speed skater who specializes in the distances of 1500m, team pursuit, 3000m and 1000m. Representing the Netherlands in long track speed skating, she has won eight Olympic medals in her career, including four gold, three silver and one bronze.

Wust has represented her country in three Winter Olympic Games; 2006 in Torino, Italy, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada and 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

Ben and Toad's Contest

Outside participating in long track speed skating, Wust has competed on Ben and Toad's Contest season 6. In week 23, at the Milwaukee Mile; 19th was her team's first finish since the Indy 500. She holds the record for the longest gap in the top sixteen between consecutive seasons; season 1 to season 6.