The Ice type represents ice as their type. They are known for resisting very low temperatures, as well as freezing weathers and the Winter Olympics every FIFA World Cup year.


Ice type is also a type in Pokemon. It is strong against four types: flying, dragon, grass and ground; flying and dragon because they migrate during the cold season and can't stand low temperatures. It is weak against fighting, rock, fire and steel types; fire mostly because it always melts ice. The only type that isn't very effective is against themselves; almost all of the types do normal damage on Ice; expect for fire, fighting, rock and steel; which do a lot.

  • They're weak against the fire type because fire melts ice.
  • They're weak against the fighting type because fighters break ice as part of their training.
  • They're weak against the rock and steel types because both of them are harder than ice and can shatter it.
  • They're strong against the Flying type because birds can easily migrate during the cold weather.
  • They're strong against the Dragon type because dragons are cold-blooded reptiles that can't stand low temperatures.
  • They're strong against the Grass type because grass can't stand low temperatures.
  • They're strong against the Ground type because ice can erode the earth.
  • They resist themselves because you can't put ice into another icicle.

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  • Glalie is one of the only Ice-typed Pokemon with a Mega Evolution. In Pokemon Shuffle, it erases all Pokemon in a V shaped-pattern and takes six mega speedups.
  • Abomasnow is dual Ice/Grass type, so it also has Mega Evolution. It doubles the damage from fire type moves since fire is strong against both grass and ice types.
  • Froslass is a dual Ghost/Ice type, so fighting and normal type moves won't affect it.