Hot Cop and the Fuzz is an episode of Wipeout Canada.

Episode 8: Hot Cop and The FuzzEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier (Buoy Run, Sucker Punch Wall, Big Balls, Field Goal Swing) Sweeper Dizzy Dummy (Tippy Tables, Big Donuts) Wipeout Zone (Killer Surf, Barrel Run, Water Wall, Sponge Towel Spinner, Roller, Launch Pads)
Place Contestant Results
1 'Mr. Perfect' Jonathan Bald* 1st (01:47,13) 1st* 1st Winner (02:54,81)
2 'The Worm' Brandon Jannaway 9th (03:13,00) 7th 2nd 2nd Place (03:14,23)
3 'The Fuzz' Kris Kluz 5th (02:37,22) 6th 3rd Out Of Time
4 'Tiny Dancer' Ashley Chappelle 6th (02:42,92) 2nd 4th Quit*
5 'Polish Dancer' Adrianna Szarek 4th (02:18,00) 5th Eliminated
6 'Overachiever' Connie Lee 10th (03:22,11) 4th Eliminated
7 'Casadia Pipper' Matthew Brake 3rd (02:01,80) 3rd Quit*
8 'Hire Me' Effie Voulgaris 8th (02:54,31) Eliminated
9 'Jo...Jo...Jockey' Joanne Solverson 11th (03:28,00) Eliminated
10 'The Weiner' Steven Smith 2nd (01:58,77) Eliminated
11 'Burping Champ' Slawomir Czyz 12th (03:37,12) Eliminated
12 'Hot Cop' Kara Darnley 7th (02:47,09) Eliminated
13 'Cougar In Training' Shannon Boudreau Eliminated
14 'Iron Bull' Josh Ostafichuk Eliminated
15 'Medieval Women' Joanne Bentley Eliminated
16 'PEI Siren' Elly Cash Eliminated
17 'Headband-er' Reggie Gill Eliminated
18 Robert 'Air Guitar' Vargo Eliminated
19 Stephanie 'The Accountantanator' Law Eliminated
20 'Former All-Star Sea Feller' Troy Westwood Eliminated