Barbara Streisand flies in as Troy is about to go to college and kidnaps Gabriella. He takes Ryan, Martha, Chad and Zeke with him and they set out to find her. On the way Mrs. Darbus takes out a ruler and starts slapping them, Zeke bakes her but while doing so he is put in a coma.

45 Toads kill Yoshi during the beginning because Jack Klugman was putted into hospital. Charles Durning makes a new noise and Max Bygraves said it was too loud.

Meanwhile, Allen Ford's voice is heard and a singer sings Cry Me a River, Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home and Don't Rain on My Parade. Gabriella combats her by singing We're All in This Together however it makes the windows shatter and Streisand is immune and Trina broke her bones. Bashar Al-Assad comes in the room and sees it.

Martha is snacking at Allen Ford as always, she sings I Want Candy by Kidz Bop Kids. She sees the baked Mrs. Darbus and decides to snack on her and the Japanese supercentenarians.

45 Eydie Gormes walk in, then it cause Sabrina Bryan to die with Jiroemon Kimura as their death partner, he died June 12, 2013. Scott Winkler had to talk with Toad for another hour and Kirstie Alley was shown. Eric Sykes was not having work trouble, and Walter Breuning was not looking for the team "Zombie Nation" or "Falling Off the Perch".

Etta James found out that Jiroemon has eaten small portions of food, it was Toad's diet. The Charisses come in and Hanae Kimura looks again for Birdo, and Yoshi requested it. Then Zsa Zsa Gabor ate small portions of food again, and Vera Lynn was correct with it. Vera Lynn said on June 12, 2013 "F**kin' dying and I lost!". The present Toad was looking for another Japanese actress or another Japanese supercentenarian.

Troy finds out that Martha has eaten the baked Mrs. Darbus and sings Scream all over Birdo in the city of Pembroke, ON. They leave Martha behind. It is just Chad and Troy, they pass West High who sings Elevator by Flo Rida with basketballs, then they throw all the basketballs at Chad and Troy. Troy and Chad run, but the cast of the musical in High School Musical appears and sing Breaking Free which paralyses all of the West High kids except for one person, he sings I'm In Miami B*tch and all the swears cause the musical cast to run away over Allen Ford's face and Jiroemon Kimura is not impressed by the judges' scores. Chad and Troy sing Start of Something New which somehow wakes up all the West High kids, however they are zombies.

Suddenly Etta James burst in singing a mash-up of Halo and Sweet Dreams by Beyonce and Birdo was seen, but her powers to not affect the plot at all make it so it doesn't affect the zombies. She fades away without being noticed. The West High zombies sing Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson which leads to Barbara Streisand coming out of her lair. She sings It Had to Be You, Chad and Troy fall to the ground suffering. Tryo pictures Gabriella singing Smile by Charlie Chaplin and gets up to face Barbara Streisand, he sings Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and One Time by Justin Bieber, Barbara Streisand fall on her knees shuddering and begging for mercy, she sings Mercy by Duffy.

The West High sing Take What You Take by Lily Allen which gives Laila Ali energy. She sings a short reprise of Don't Rain on My Parade and Allen Ford's voice is only heard. Then out of no where, the cast of Pembroke, ON from Wipeout Canada and they all falls down and sings Don't Stop Believing, Troy thinks it is going to give him energy but instead, it makes the West High Zombies awesome, more than Maria Filippov because Vera Lynn quits it rights. The Glee cast walks out.

Meanwhile somewhere in New Brunswick, Timbaland and Walter Breuning sing The Way I Are, it convinces Barbara Streisand to rob a bank. While she is gone, Troy goes to find Gabriella but she is being protected by a rabid Miley Cyrus, Troy is powerless. He decides to negociate with Streisand. She walks in with Katy Perry singing Waking Up in Vegas, Troy says that he will take hormone pills if she gives Gabriella back, Streisand agrees.

As they walk out Justin Bieber sings One Less Lonely Girl and they die of natural causes, the same cause of death for Jiroemon Kimura. Suddenly, Kelly Clarkson, Jerry Lewis, Vera Lynn, Apolo Ohno, Eydie Gorme, Etta James, Nicki Minaj, Timbaland, Katy Perry, Barbara Streisand, and The West High Zombies do a darn thing about the singer Chuck Berry. A complrtly insane Chad, Martha, Mrs. Darbus inside Martha, Zekes dead body and Chuck Norris pop out and they all sing Thriller by Michael Jackson.




Cause Michael Jackson can't join, he died a week after Tomoji Tanabe and was replaced by Walter Breuning. The movie was released in 2010, on April 30, two days before Kama Chinen died.


Basketball PlayersEdit

  • Jean Stapleton (Number 1)

Musical numbersEdit

Kyotango city is changed to West High for the following reason in the movie because all other songs in the movie had more of Jiroemon Kimura than Ravi Shankar.

Song Chiefly Sung By Other Singers
Cry Me a River Barbara Streisand Birdo, Luigi, Froslass
Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home Barbara Streisand Kelsi Nielsen, Venusaur, Li Na
Ain't No Sunshine Ravi Shankar Barbara Kent, Li Na, Flavia Pennetta
Don't Rain on My Parade Barbara Streisand Allen Ford (voice only), Metang
We're All In This Together Gabriella Kelsi Nielsen/Allen Ford
At Last Etta James Vera Lynn
Lean on Me Vera Lynn Googie Withers
I Want Candy Martha Cox Allen Ford, Alexandra Dulgheru
Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun Princess Peach Hugo Chavez, Ekaterina Makarova
Under Pressure Misao Okawa Nelson Mandela
Toxic Etta James Elyse Knox
Elevator West High Zombie West High
What You Waiting For? Etta James Vera Lynn
Breaking Free Christina Aguilera and Yitzhak Shamir Birdo and Kelsi Nielsen
I'm in Miami B*tch West High Zombie Jiroemon Kimura in West High
Objection (Tango) Betty Ford, Shakira Christina Aguilera, Gardevoir
Start of Something New Troy and Chad Allen Ford
Halo/Sweet Dreams Jiroemon Kimura and Shakira Jean Stapleton
Already Gone West High Zombie Walter Breuning
It Had to Be You Barbara Streisand Jiroemon Kimura
Smile Gabriella Montez Princess Daisy
Respect Aretha Franklin Bonnie Franklin
Party in the USA Troy Apolo Anton Ohno, Maria Sharapova
One Time Troy Jiroemon Kimura, Elena Vesnina
Don't Rain on My Parade (Reprise) Barbara Streisand Jiroemon Kimura (voice only), Simona Halep
Mercy Barbara Streisand Christina Aguilera
Take What You Take Wipeout Canada's Zombie Esther Williams
Don't Stop Believing Birdo and Yoshi All other characters in the movie
The Way I Are Birdo and Crystal Grierson Pearl Krabs
Waking Up in Vegas Birdo and Kelsi Nielsen Rita Levi-Montalcini
One Less Lonely Girl Kelsi Nielsen Princess Peach
Thriller Crystal Grierson All other characters, Pee Saderd, Garbiñe Muguruza
Alejandro Ravi Shankar Etta James, Phai Pongsatorn
Pokemon Theme Song Troy Bolton Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, Allen Ford, Tony Kanaan, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova
What Kind of Pokemon are You? Aggron, Metagross Irina-Camelia Begu, Hélio Castroneves
  • Pokemon on the list must be introduced before Generation 5.

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