HSM 2 Soundtrack

The High School Musical 2 soundtrack is the soundtrack that features all songs from the musical film High School Musical 2.


  1. What Time Is It? (Cast including Pearl Krabs)
  2. Fabulous (Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans and the Sharpettes, first song that Kelsi Nielsen and the other three Pembroke contestants go to Petawawa, but don't stay in their original place)
  3. Work This Out (Cast expect Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans)
  4. You Are the Music in Me (Cast expect Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans)
  5. I Don't Dance (Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans)
  6. You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version) (Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton)
  7. Gotta Go My Own Way (Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton)
  8. Bet On It (Troy Bolton as a solo)
  9. Everyday (Cast)
  10. All For One (Cast including Allen Ford)

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