Grace Jones


December 7, 1899 (age 113)

Best known for

Oldest living person in the UK

Not to be confused with Grace Nelson Jones, a supercentenarian from the United States.

Grace Jones (born December 7, 1899) is a British supercentenarian who at the age of 113 years is United Kingdom's oldest living person upon death of 112 year old Violet Wood on the leap day of 2012 (February 29, 2012), third oldest living European, and the last surviving person in the United Kingdom born in the 1800's.

Since the death report of Hatsue Ono on February 23, 2013, she has been the 12th oldest living person in the world.

Grace Jones was verified into the Gerontology Research Group for the Guinness World Records on February 20, 2010, on Rihanna's 22nd birthday and Arm Melter 7 after celebrating her 110th birthday. Being 110 years and two months at the time of validation, she was added on the same day Jason Wood died.

She celebrated her 113th birthday at the Arm Melter 16 event with Koto Okubo and Jiroemon Kimura, on December 8, 2012, just one day after her 113th birthday. She was a member of Team Supercentenarian. At the event, she disliked Mark Ballas and Brooke Burke at the event.