Garrett Morris vs. Alfonso Ribeiro and Todd Chrisley vs. Sara Evans is the 10th episode and the season finale of the 2016 season of Celebrity Family Feud.

In the men's singles, this tournament will be like Indian Wells and Miami, where all the seeds get a bye to the second round. The seeds are only for the captains. The women's singles will be a draw of 32 players; the seedings determined by BATC rank before Watkins Glen; and the tournament ends the same day as the men's singles. The women's singles final will be played on Friday before the men's singles final. The BATC decided to schedule the men's singles final at 19:00 PST; but due to Hélio Castroneves' semifinal exit to Chespin it will start at Practice 1.

The defending men's singles champion is Pee Saderd, but he managed to keep the title. With the final decided to be between Pee Saderd and Chespin, this is the first ever final since 2015 that it doesn't feature one of Will Power, Simon Pagenaud, Juan Pablo Montoya or Hélio Castroneves. With Hélio Castroneves upset by Chespin in three sets, it is the first and only tournament in 2016 a Team Penske driver failed to reach the final; and ended the weekly streak of the Castroneves-Saderd rivalry in the grand final. He retained the title with a double bagel over Chespin, to become the first man outside a Penske to win two titles in a year.

Qualified Countries

A total of 32 countries qualified for seedings by the internal selection of captains for the 2017 IndyCar Series season by Eldstar at Watkins Glen. The CONMEBOL qualified countries are almost the exact six represented at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with Chile replaced by Paraguay; Chile qualified for the 2014 World Cup inside the top four and Paraguay finished dead last in their qualifying group.

Notable countries that failed to qualify were Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, India, Romania, Portugal, Armenia, Cyprus and Sweden. This was Finland's last qualification until the 2017 SKUSA Supernationals, requiring Pokémon species due to the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


None qualified


None qualified


Men's singles


All 32 seeds (only captains of an IndyCar team) received a bye to the second round. Unlike the last episode of 2015 and Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes and Verizon IndyCar Series Drivers vs. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models due to IndyCar drivers playing; seedings were internally selected. They are determined by the next year's IndyCar captains of a national IndyCar team representing their country. The Khon Kaen and Luk thung record will be set again for the last time in Celebrity Family Feud when Pee Saderd enters the tournament as the No.1 seed. This is the last episode until Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group that the top seed isn't an IndyCar driver, in case it was Pee Saderd who would eventually be top seed in that episode. This will be Volcarona's lowest seeding until 2018 if Robert Wickens makes the top 16 in points; however due to shocking stories no standings will be used in 2018.

This marks the first time since the 2015 comeback that neither Gilles Marini nor Juan Pablo Montoya were seeded for a Celebrity Family Feud tournament. Also, Aurorus will not be seeded for the first time since his injury-marred 2015, while Tony Kanaan will be unseeded for the first time in the 2015 comeback. This will also be the first time all 2016 long that the top seed isn't a Team Penske driver.

01.   Russia Pee Saderd (Champion)
02.   Honduras Hélio Castroneves (Semifinals)
03.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (Second round)
04.   France Simon Pagenaud (Second round)
05.   Australia Will Power (Second round)
06.   Colombia Dragonite (Second round)
07.   Brazil Edson Bindilatti (Second round)
08.   Switzerland Chespin (Final)
09.   Netherlands Emmitt Smith (Third round, retired)
10.   Ecuador Drew Lachey (Fourth round)
11.   Belarus Tyranitar (Quarterfinals)
12.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (Second round)
13.   Belgium Metagross (Second round)
14.   Hungary Cameron Marshall (Third round)
15.   Argentina Sceptile (Quarterfinals)
16.   Greece Larry Birkhead (Third round)
17.   Spain Mario Lopez (Second round)
18.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (Second round)
19.   Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic (Second round)
20.   Paraguay Haxorus (Second round)
21.   Poland Joey Fatone (Second round)
22.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (Second round)
23.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (Second round)
24.   Slovenia Landorus (Second round)
25.   Iceland Scolipede (Second round)
26.   Finland Noivern (Third round)
27.   Estonia Philip Demers (Third round)
28.   Iran Allen Ford (Second round)
29.   Wales Evan Cundal (Second round)
30.   Serbia Volcarona (Fourth round)
31.   Norway Armaldo (Second round)
32.   Italy Marko Manieri (Second round)

Eight countries would then fail to qualify for Harvey Family Men vs. Harvey Family Women and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Ralph Sampson (July 30): Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Slovenia, Finland, Wales, Norway.

Eleven countries would then fail to qualify for The Kardashians vs. The West Family: Colombia, Netherlands, Ecuador, Belarus, Argentina, Paraguay, Slovenia, Iceland, Finland, Wales, Norway.



A BATC record six Pokémon participated in the quarterfinals, the most of any tournament, shared with Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  1  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6  
 Sweden Hippowdon 0 0  
  1  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6  
   Serbia Salamence 1 1  
 Serbia Salamence 6 6
  15  Argentina Sceptile 2 2  
    1  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6
  8  Switzerland Chespin 0 0
  8  Switzerland Chespin 6 3 6  
 Romania Eevee 3 6 3  
8  Switzerland Chespin 6 0 7
  2  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 4 6 5  
11  Belarus Tyranitar 2 0
  2  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 6 6  

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               1  Russia P Saderd Evans      
   Thailand Suicune Morris          Thailand M Kankoon Chrisley      
   Thailand M Kankoon Alfonso           1  Russia P Saderd 5 77 6  
   Bulgaria Mario Alfonso              Bulgaria Mario 7 63 0  
   Switzerland M Chilton Morris            Bulgaria Mario Evans    
             22  Japan AA Ohno Chrisley      
                 1  Russia P Saderd 6
                    France G Marini 6r
               32  Italy M Manieri Chrisley      
   Greece Snorunt Morris          France G Marini Evans      
   France G Marini Alfonso              France G Marini 6 6
   Thailand P Pongsatorn Alfonso              Thailand P Pongsatorn 1 1  
   United States J Roberts Morris            Thailand P Pongsatorn Evans    
             12  Croatia J Newgarden Chrisley      

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               14  Hungary C Marshall Evans      
WC  Russia Hydreigon Alfonso       WC  Russia Hydreigon Chrisley      
   Slovakia JR Celski Morris           14  Hungary C Marshall 2 4    
   Colombia JP Montoya Morris           30  Serbia Volcarona 6 6    
   United States M Ballas Alfonso            United States M Ballas Chrisley    
             30  Serbia Volcarona Evans      
                 30  Serbia Volcarona 4 7 2
                    Sweden Hippowdon 6 5 6
               19  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Chrisley      
   Sweden Hippowdon Alfonso          Sweden Hippowdon Evans      
WC  Russia Absol Morris              Sweden Hippowdon 6 7  
   Brazil T Kanaan Alfonso              Brazil T Kanaan 4 5    
   Paraguay Muk Morris            Brazil T Kanaan Evans    
             7  Brazil E Bindilatti Chrisley      

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               4  France S Pagenaud Chrisley      
   Ukraine Aurorus Morris          Ukraine Amaura Evans      
   Ukraine Amaura Alfonso              Ukraine Amaura 6 5 6  
   Belgium A Rossi Alfonso              Belgium A Rossi 2 7 4  
   Bulgaria Luigi Morris            Belgium A Rossi Evans    
             17  Spain M Lopez Chrisley      
                    Ukraine Amaura 6 5 3
                    Serbia Salamence 4 7 6
               27  Estonia P Demers Evans      
   United States Z Efron Morris          Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Chrisley      
   Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Alfonso           27  Estonia P Demers 2 1
   Serbia Salamence Alfonso              Serbia Salamence 6 6  
   Germany V Ahn Morris            Serbia Salamence Evans    
             13  Belgium Metagross Chrisley      

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               15  Argentina Sceptile Evans      
WC  Russia Garbodor Alfonso       WC  Russia Garbodor Chrisley      
   Argentina J Hawksworth Morris           15  Argentina Sceptile 6 6    
   Japan T Sato Morris           26  Finland Noivern 1 0    
   China Entei Alfonso            China Entei Chrisley    
             26  Finland Noivern Evans      
                 15  Argentina Sceptile 6 6
                    Bulgaria Larvesta 4 4
               21  Poland J Fatone Chrisley      
   Hungary Charizard Alfonso          Hungary Charizard Evans      
   Poland Z Brodka Morris              Hungary Charizard 4 4  
   United States M Aln Morris              Bulgaria Larvesta 6 6    
   Bulgaria Larvesta Alfonso            Bulgaria Larvesta Evans    
             6  Colombia Dragonite Chrisley      

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               8  Switzerland Chespin Evans      
   Ukraine Xerneas Alfonso          Ukraine Xerneas Chrisley      
WC  Russia M Andretti Morris           8  Switzerland Chespin 6 6  
   Latvia T Westaway Morris              Austria Beedrill 4 4  
   Austria Beedrill Alfonso            Austria Beedrill Evans    
             24  Slovenia Landorus Chrisley      
                 8  Switzerland Chespin 5
                    Sweden Heracross 6r
               28  Iran A Ford Chrisley      
   Sweden Heracross Alfonso          Sweden Heracross Evans      
   Lithuania R Duchak Morris              Sweden Heracross 5
   Kazakhstan E Plushenko Morris           16  Greece L Birkhead 0r  
WC  Russia Lunala Alfonso         WC  Russia Lunala Chrisley    
             16  Greece L Birkhead Evans      

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               9  Netherlands E Smith Evans      
   Netherlands Gallade Alfonso          Netherlands Gallade Chrisley      
   Canada C Mathison Morris           9  Netherlands E Smith 4r    
WC  Russia Parasect Morris              Romania Eevee 0  
   Romania Eevee Alfonso            Romania Eevee Evans    
             31  Norway Armaldo Chrisley      
                    Romania Eevee 0 6 6
                    Italy N DiMarco 6 3 3
               23  Uruguay G Rahal Chrisley      
   Italy N DiMarco Alfonso          Italy N DiMarco Evans      
   Slovakia D Driver Morris              Italy N DiMarco 3 1
   Czech Republic Heatran Morris              Turkey S Dufour 6 5r  
   Turkey S Dufour Alfonso            Turkey S Dufour Evans    
             3  Ukraine S Dixon Chrisley      

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               5  Australia W Power Chrisley      
   Ecuador Palkia Morris          Poland Snorlax Evans      
   Poland Snorlax Alfonso              Poland Snorlax 77 0 5  
   Australia Wario Alfonso              Australia Wario 65 6 7  
   Slovenia J Jakes Morris            Australia Wario Evans    
             20  Paraguay Haxorus Chrisley      
                    Australia Wario 5 5
                 11  Belarus Tyranitar 7 7  
               25  Iceland Scolipede Chrisley      
   Canada J Hinchcliffe Alfonso          Canada J Hinchcliffe Evans      
   Romania Garchomp Morris              Canada J Hinchcliffe w/o    
   Japan K Sugimori Morris           11  Belarus Tyranitar        
   Yemen F Mohammed Alfonso            Yemen F Mohammed Chrisley    
             11  Belarus Tyranitar Evans      

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
               10  Ecuador D Lachey Evans      
WC  Russia Galvantula Morris          Uruguay Venusaur Chrisley      
   Uruguay Venusaur Alfonso           10  Ecuador D Lachey 6 4 6  
   Italy A Sabato Jr. Alfonso            Italy A Sabato Jr. 4 6 4  
   Spain C Muñoz Morris            Italy A Sabato Jr. Evans    
             29  Wales E Cundal Chrisley      
                 10  Ecuador D Lachey 4 4
                 2  Honduras H Castroneves 6 6
               18  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Chrisley      
   Netherlands Froakie Morris          Poland M Aleshin Evans      
   Poland M Aleshin Alfonso            Poland M Aleshin 3 1
WC  Russia A Chigvintsev Alfonso           2  Honduras H Castroneves 6 6  
   Paraguay MR Alvaro Morris         WC  Russia A Chigvintsev Chrisley    
             2  Honduras H Castroneves Evans      

Women's singles


  • Since 15-year-old Cameron Marshall of Hungary is seeded, only if he advances, his matches start at 5:00 PM EST since he is in school at Sir John A. MacDonald in Hamilton.
  • Team Penske will get a bye for 3 out of four drivers; the latter Juan Pablo Montoya has to play first round.
  • Chip Ganassi Racing will have only Dixon and Kanaan with a bye.
  • Neither Charlie Kimball nor Ueli Kestenholz will appear in the tournament.
  • Only Pee Saderd gets an immunity of advancing to the third round from the second if the family loses the game due to him winning 2 BATC awards in 2016 BATC Season 8 Finals. Since he voted for the Evans family, the Russian no.1 seed still advanced.
  • Neither Yoshi nor Fennekin will appear in the men's singles tournament for the first time in the 2015 comeback.
  • Had the seedings go by standings entering Sonoma, reigning champion Pee Saderd would have missed out since he was only 17th in the standings.