The Flying type is one of the 18 types of Pokemon. It is weak to Electric, Ice and Rock. Most Flying type Pokemon are Part Normal type. Flying is strong against Grass, Bug and Fighting.


  • They're strong against the fighting type because it is very hard to hit something that is moving in the air.
  • They're strong against the grass type because many birds can eat plants and grass.
  • They're strong against the bug type because many birds eat insects.
  • They're weak against the ice type because birds can easily migrate during the freezing times.


  • Notable Pokemon that Flying type moves do 4x damage include Heracross and Chesnaught.
  • Ground type moves don't affect Flying types, since it is hopeless to use Earthquake while a bird is flying.
  • In defence, flying types resist all three of their strengths plus an immunity to Ground.

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