Vital statistics
Type Fire, Flying
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Gender 50% Male, 50% Female
Weaknesses Electric, Rock, Water
Evolves from Fletchling
Evolves to Talonflame
First Appearance Generation VI, 2013
Last Appearance None

Fletchinder is a dual Fire/Flying type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI.

Fletchinder evolves from Fletchling starting at level 17 and evolves to Talonflame starting at level 35.


  • Fletchinder is the only Pokemon on the Safari #5 in Pokémon Shuffle to spawn coins.
  • Fletchinder held the record for longest Pokemon name, with 11 letters in the English language until Crabominable was introduced in Generation VII. It was the first Pokemon to go beyond the 10-letter limit in previous generations.
  • Due to Fletchinder's Flying type, Ground is immune while playing the real Pokemon but in Shuffle as a Fire type, it's super effective.