This article is about Tasha's role in The Two Musketeers. To also see her as an empress, see Japanese Empress Tasha in Samurai Pie

Empress Tasha
402px-Empres Tasha

Played By


First Appearance

The Two Musketeers

Latest Appearance

Ben and Toad's Contest Season 1 (Entire Season)
Chocolate Thunder (Wipeout Canada)




The Backyardigans

Wipeout Canada Appearance

Cocolate Thunder

Empress Tasha is an empress played by Tasha.

She takes in the shpiel. She is a Sandy Cheeks guards! is able to take the guards Uniqua and Austin, musketeers Tyrone and Pablo during the song Number Three and Allen Ford in the episode she is appearing on Wipeout Canada. during the location Zorbidor

In Ben and Toad's Contest season 1, she tells contestants that are fired to leave them with a "Farewell" in their hand, including the season 15 DWTS contestants. However if the contestant on the losing team does not get fired magnet by Donald Trump, she would have to say "You're still in, but you're not fired yet.".


The empress is mostly of a yellow-white colour. She has a yellow sword.


Tasha had only played as Empress Tasha in the entire first season of Ben and Toad's Contest one episode of The Backyardigans, The Two Musketeers, from season three and one episode of Wipeout Canada, Chocolate Thunder, from season one.