Empress Kelsi
Pembroke April2006
Empress Kelsi in Ontario, Canada's arm wrestling rematch of Pearl Krabs vs Gabriella Montez. The empress wants back her pie for both Tasha and Allen Ford.




Won rematch of Empress Kelsi vs. Empress Tasha


The Sponged Musketeers

Empress Kelsi is an Pembroke, Ontario empress played by Kelsi Nielsen. She had given an emperor Allen Ford and she had given guards Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie but she traps Pearl Krabs in the cage of a massage (In the Name of the Empress). Because she has an hot air balloon and you do not. She has musketeers Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez like in The Two Musketeers. She has given an arm wrestling rematch, Birdo vs. Allen Ford, but Birdo won and Allen Ford lost.


Kelsi Nielsen had only played as Empress Kelsi in one episode of Squidward vs. SpongeBob, The Sponged Musketeers, from season two.