Emma Morano-Martinuzzi


Emma Morano-Martinuzzi


November 29, 1899 (age 117)



Emma Morano-Martinuzzi (born November 29, 1899 died Template:Today) is an Italian supercentenarian who at the age of 113 years, is the oldest living person in Italy upon the April 2, 2013 death of Lombardian woman Maria Redaelli-Granoli. She is the last surviving person from Italy and Europe born in the 1800's since Maria Redaelli-Granoli's death.

As of now, she has been the 10th oldest living person in the world since the death report of Hatsue Ono on February 23, 2013, the tenth after the shocking Elsie Thompson died, the second oldest living European person and the oldest person ever from Piedmont and she is the ninth oldest living person, and the oldest living Italian and European after the death of Maria Redaelli on a day shy of 114 and down to 10 when Naomi Conner is verified.

On March 5, 2013, on Misao Okawa's 115th birthday, it was announced that Emma Morano-Martinuzzi will not be on season 3 of Ben and Toad's Contest and season 3 of Heroes vs. Villains due to a fight with Brooke Burke, Jiroemon Kimura and Drake and Maria Redaelli-Granoli will also not be on the season due to a fight against Mark Ballas, Marlee Matlin and Evan Cundal.


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  • On the 11th week of Ben and Toad's Contest season 1, the remaining contestants, Kristi Yamaguchi, the new host of the season and Koto Okubo, the co-host, fly to Italy to celebrate her 113.