Elsie Thompson


April 5, 1899


March 21, 2013 (age 113)


Fourth oldest living person
Oldest living American

Elsie Thompson (April 5, 1899 - March 21, 2013) was an American supercentenarian who was at the age of 113 years, 350 days at the time of her death is the oldest living person in the United States upon the January 2, 2013 death of Mamie Rearden, the oldest living resident of Florida upon death of Onie Ponder in the end of 2010 and the fourth oldest living person behind Jiroemon Kimura, Misao Okawa and Maria Redaelli-Granoli and died at age 113 years, 350 days, tying Miriam Carpelan and she died from heart failure. She eats to a long life of living as a supercentenarian.

From September 29, 2012 until February 2, 2013, she came to Ben and Toad's Contest to be a guest on the show, but not a contestant. In week 2, she was making a rib to all members of the Backbone team and they cause to win the task. In week 5, she was unable to make it to the event (October 2012 Toronto Armwrestling Event) due to a show mission on that date and the show mission is "Hatsue Ono (1898-2012)". In week 8, she had a spin over Brooke Burke and they cause problems with her and Maria Redaelli-Granoli. In week 12, she came to Legendz Pub in Rossmore, Ontario to see the Arm Melter 16 Boardroom there. In week 17, she said "That's why one of the oldest living people died" and she was invited to the week by Star Jones and Brooke Burke. In week 20, she was placing her and the supercentenarians in second place, losing out to Ben and Toad's Contest 1 cast.


  • "That's why one of the oldest living people died."
  • "I love people." (Her secret to being supercentenarian)


  • Thompson could not celebrate 114 on the April 6 show of BATC 2.