High School Musical 3- Senior Year DANCE

East vs. West is the sixth episode of the first season on Wipeout Canada.



Andrea MuhlbachEdit

Andrea Mulhbach is a contestant currently from Stettler, Alberta. She is a barn girl and was a cowgirl since 1995.

Brent ByersEdit

Brent Byers was a contestant currently from Camrose, Alberta. Much like Andrea in this episode.

Caroline DalpeEdit

Caroline Dalpe was a contestant from Rockland, Ontario. She works at the House of Commons of Canada.

Chad KellgrenEdit

Chad Kellgren was a contestant from Alderflats, Alberta. He said Toronto sucked, so Phillips said it does not and lost to Olesya Rulin as Kelsi Nielsen.


Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier (Donuts, Sucker Punch Wall, Big Balls, Bubble Bath Swing) Curtain Sweeper Dizzy Dummy (Tippy Tables, Big Donuts) Wipeout Zone (Killer Surf, Barrel Run, Water Wall, Sponge Towel Spinner, Roller, Launch Pads)*
Place Contestant Results
1 Trent 'The Sailor' Taylor 4th (01:52,00) 1st 1st Winner (01:52,52)
2 'Long Rancher' Brent Byers (?) 4th 3rd 2nd Place (01:56,53)
3 'Hippie' Towyn Watt (?) 5th 4th 3rd Place (04:39,00)
4 'Mall Money' Marwan El Nashar 2nd (01:36,00) 3rd 2nd Out Of Time
5 'Lumberjack' Marcel Scott 1st (?) 2nd Eliminated
6 'Lobster Boy' Martin Daggett (?) 6th Eliminated
7 Sarah 'Bugs' McLean (?) 7th Eliminated
8 'Messenger' Caroline Dalpe (?) Eliminated
9 'Athletic 7 Girl' Cindy McCormick (?) Eliminated
10 'Swiss Miss' Andrea Muhlbach (?) Eliminated
11 'Rocky Mountain Girl' Lindsay Taylor (?) Eliminated
12 'Surfer Girl' Stephanie Florian (?) Eliminated
13 'Newfie Bullet' Vanessa Simon Eliminated
14 'Road Worker' Sara Doiron Eliminated
15 'Chicken Leg' Patrick Reilly Eliminated
16 'Skateboarder With Tricks' Josh Knepper Eliminated
17 'Wolf Man' Dennis Thomas Eliminated
18 'Oil Worker' Chad Kellgren Eliminated
19 'Coal Miner' Nicole Bethge Eliminated
20 'Potato Girl' Jessica Rochford Eliminated

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