How to Unlock

Using Pearl Krabs or Jessica Ratchelous, fight again without beating Daisy a lot of times

Wipeout Canada

Here to see Kelsi Nielsen and Allen Ford, not Birdo

Song Appearances

Oh My Karen

First Appearance

Single Cell Anniversary

Last Appearance

Wipeout Canada

Wipeout Canada Hometown

Ottawa, Ontario

Wipeout USA Hometown

Pembroke Pines, Florida


Martha Cox, Sharpay Evans

E.M.I.L.P. is the mother of Karen who was mentioned in The Algae's Always Greener but she only appeared in one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, Single Cell Anniversary, from season six. She is absent for eight episodes of Wipeout Canada.

How to UnlockEdit

To unlock her in several games, use Peach a lot. When you use her, she will appear with Tori Vega, Jade West, Cat Valentine and Trina Vega but for one thing Effie Voulgaris loses Karen Plankton, Mrs. Puff or Pearl Krabs.

E.M.I.L.P. was also used as L.A.I.L.A., who died in 2012 aged 115 years, 19 days old, tying Koto Okubo since Kirstie Alley's 62nd birthday.

All-Star Brawl (Beauties Version)Edit

In All-Star Brawl (Beauties), she appears in Mrs. Darbus' Class as part of East High in the musical films High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3: Senior Year.She also appeared in the episode News Flashs It's All News to Us.


  • "What the heck?"
  • "Sorry, wife. Who is Gabriella?"
  • "Troy, ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Pembroke rules the universe now!!!" (Allen Ford now shown laughing)
  • "What the heck? Some contestants are captials!"