Drop Forty has been featured on the Derby Dead Pool since 2011 with each year having the 40 most popular picks. The oldest one on the first two years would be Brazil's Oscar Niemeyer, in 2013 would be Japan's Jiroemon Kimura after becoming oldest man ever. In 2014 would be Eli Wallach if Misao Okawa does not make it, but Misao Okawa was chosen by 26 teams.

The oldest ones (over 95) on the Drop Forty were: Anna Wing, Kirk Douglas, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eli Wallach Oscar Niemeyer, Jiroemon Kimura, Vera Lynn, Olivia de Havilland

Team Toad

Toad and Toadette decided to choose South Korean short track speed skater Cho Ha-Ri to die during the year.


Due to the number of teams picking these people; Joey FeekZsa Zsa Gabor, Fidel Castro, Kirk Douglas and Martin Crowe are assured of at least Drop Forty.

Additionally, this was the third consecutive year that the Drop Forty didn't include any supercentenarians. March 3 and 4, 2016 was the best day for Drop Forty hits since May 20, 2012 (when Robin Gibb and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi) passed away.


2015 will be the first year of the Drop Forty since 2009 that The Man In Black will not host the DDP as he is having a farewell of hosting after 2014. Most DDP players making their DDP 2015 teams predicted Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kirk Douglas, Fidel Castro, Muhammad Ali and Billy Graham for the top 10. Much of the DDP players wanted to choose Zsa Zsa Gabor at the top of the drop forty since Mandela and Thatcher died in 2013.


2014 will have a drop forty and the Theme Team League. Queen Elizabeth and Tony Blair won't make it next year because they are not good DDP picks.

Penny Marshall, Aretha Franklin and Misao Okawa, all from Grim Reaper in different seasons will be off the drop forty.

Most competitors accept that Zsa Zsa will be number one pick.

Last year only 11/40 were crossed off the drop forty. Patty Andrews and Rochus Misch missed it by a little bit of teams.

So many new entries!

The ill people on the list are going to be trained for dancing by Misao Okawa.

I wanted Bush to be my number one pick, but did not work. Zsa Zsa Gabor was number one instead.

Hosni Mubarak goes down half.

Billy Graham moves up his great 9 places.

Wilko Johnson is also confirmed for next year's DDP. Too sad that he also has cancer.

For 2014, I have confirmed that George H. W. Bush will beat Zsa Zsa Gabor for the most popular pick if Vera Lynn does not beat the all-star season 5 finalists Olivia de Havilland and Jiroemon Kimura (this was late 2012, voting that winner has 35th, runner-up has =22nd and third has 33rd).

This was too sad that I did not sign up because I need 100 articles about the DDP picks.

My replacement for Biggs will be Valerie Harper, who is battling cancer and was on DWTS.

This year Paul Gascoigne re-entered the drop forty. Last year not enough teams picked him.

Vera Lynn goes up 8 places from last year. She has the same position as in 2012.

Bye Bye Bye Misao Okawa (I put there because they realized that Vera Lynn was not in the drop forty, and then they revealed.)

this year
last year
Name Country Picture
1st 3rd Zsa Zsa Gabor United States
Born in Hungary
2nd 11th Rev Billy Graham United States Grahar
3rd New Entry Valerie Harper United States Harpev
=4th 9th Kirk Douglas United States Douglk
=4th New Entry Wilko Johnson United Kingdom Johnwi
6th =6th Prince Philip United Kingdom
Born in Greece
7th 12th Clive James Australia Jamecl
8th 8th Fidel Castro Cuba Castrf
9th 4th George H. W. Bush United States Bushg
10th New Entry Michael Schumacher Germany Schumm
11th 10th Muhammad Ali United States Alim
12th New Entry Sam Simon United States Simosi
13th =31st General Wojciech Jaruzelski Poland Jaruzg
14th 17th Nancy Reagan United States Reagan
15th 15th Ariel Sharon Israel Sharoa
16th =22nd Olivia de Havilland France
Born in Japan, lived USA
17th =18th Eli Wallach United States Wallae
=18th New Entry Rev Ian Paisley United Kingdom Paisli
=18th =28th Mickey Rooney United States Roonem
20th New Entry Katherine Crowe United Kingdom Crowek
21st New Entry Joost van der Westhuizen South Africa Vandjo
=22nd =24th Ian Brady United Kingdom Bradyi
=22rd New Entry Kate Granger United Kingdom Grangk
24th New Entry Liz Dawn United Kingdom Dawnl
25th 33rd Vera Lynn United Kingdom Lynnv
26th Re-Entry Paul Gascoigne United Kingdom Gascop
27th 16th Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe Mugabr
=28th =26th Richard Attenborough United Kingdom Attenr
=28th =22nd Stephen Hawking United Kingdom Hawkis
30th 14th Hosni Mubarak Egypt Mubarh
=31st =31st Bruce Forsyth United Kingdom Forsyb
=31st =28th Denis Healey United Kingdom Healed
=33rd New Entry Sally Farmiloe South Africa Farmis
=33rd 37th Christopher Lee United Kingdom Leec
=35th New Entry Casey Kasem United States Kasemc
=35th New Entry Ian Watkins United Kingdom Watkia
=35th New Entry Helen Fawkes United Kingdom Fawkeh
=38th New Entry Dora Bryan United Kingdom Bryand
=38th New Entry Stuart Hall United Kingdom Halls
=38th New Entry Sandy Jardine United Kingdom Jardis


In a Strange Land - Mario Party 5 Music Extended30:00

In a Strange Land - Mario Party 5 Music Extended

As Margaret Thatcher is losing her top spot, Nelson Mandela replaces her. Zsa Zsa Gabor drops a place down.

The Toady Oldies said on the DeathList that shockingly there's no Penny Marshall.

2013 saw the biggest hit: Margaret Thatcher from her death until the death of Nelson Mandela.

So because of Nelson Mandela's death, there is a chance that Zsa Zsa Gabor, George H. W. Bush, Prince Philip or Fidel Castro take the top spot for 2014.

Aretha Franklin continues her downfall from the list, from 7th in 2011, =15th in 2012 and a shocking =38th this year.

Laila Ali's father moves up two places, as Nancy Reagan is going two places down. Mandela goes up seven to taking the #1 spot away from Thatcher.

Japan, an island nation in east Asia, made the most popular picks for the first time, with the pick of 116 year old Jiroemon Kimura.

Hugo Chavez moves up his great 23 places.

Pete Doherty, the Grim Reaper winner for season 3 has been out of the drop forty this year, also Michael Douglas, George Michael.

Denis Healey and Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth were not enough for last year's drop forty, but was enough for 2011, so they were marked ???.

Bush has the biggest climb not being in the drop forty last year to having this year. He drops in the drop forty next year.

New entries include: Grim Reaper all-star winner Jiroemon Kimura, Bonnie Franklin, George H. W. Bush, Van Cliburn, The Nolans singer Bernadette Nolan, Clive James, Michael Winner, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and Henry Cecil.

By football confederation:

Confederation Picks
AFC (Asia) Bashar Al-Assad (Syria), Jiroemon Kimura (Japan)
CAF (Africa) Nelson Mandela (South Africa)
CONCACAF (North America) George H. W. Bush (USA), Fidel Castro (Cuba)
CONMEBOL (South America) Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)
OFC (Oceania) None of them qualified
UEFA (Europe) Margaret Thatcher (UK), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Hungary)

By description:

Dance Best Dancer Highest Score Worst Dancer Lowest Score
Cha-Cha-Cha Jiroemon Kimura
Olivia de Havilland
Vera Lynn
Penny Marshall
30 Kirk Douglas 14
Foxtrot Zsa Zsa Gabor 30 Lindsay Lohan
Fidel Castro
Quickstep Vera Lynn
Jiroemon Kimura
Zsa Zsa Gabor
29 Nancy Reagan
Eli Wallach
Richard Attenborough
Lindsay Lohan
Jive Olivia de Havilland 28 Kirk Douglas 16
Rumba Vera Lynn
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jiroemon Kimura
Olivia de Havilland
Penny Marshall
30 Margaret Thatcher
Hugo Chavez
Nelson Mandela

By photo:

this year
last year
Name Birth date Country Picture
1st 8th Nelson Mandela 1918/07/18 South Africa Manden
2nd 1st Margaret Thatcher 1925/10/13 United Kingdom Thatcm
3rd 2nd Zsa Zsa Gabor 1917/02/06 United States
born in Hungary
4th New Entry George H. W. Bush 1924/06/12 United States Bushg
5th =28th Hugo Chavez 1954/07/28 Venezuela Chaveh
=6th 4th Ronnie Biggs 1929/08/08 United Kingdom Biggsr
=6th 9th Prince Philip 1921/06/10 United Kingdom
born in Greece
8th 10th Fidel Castro 1926/08/13 Cuba Castrf
9th 7th Kirk Douglas 1916/12/09 United States Douglk
10th 12th Muhammad Ali 1942/01/17 United States Alim
11th 11th Rev Billy Graham 1918/11/07 United States Grahar
12th New Entry Clive James 1939/10/07 Australia Jamecl
13th New Entry Michael Winner 1935/10/30 United Kingdom Winnem
14th =34th Hosni Mubarak 1928/05/04 Egypt Mubarh
15th 13th Ariel Sharon 1928/02/26 Israel Sharoa
16th 18th Robert Mugabe 1924/02/21 Zimbabwe Mugabr
17th =15th Nancy Reagan 1921/07/06 United States Reagan
=18th New Entry Bernadette Nolan 1960/10/17 United Kingdom
born in Ireland
=18th =31st Eli Wallach 1915/12/07 United States Wallae
20th =31st Lindsay Lohan 1986/07/02 United States Lohanl
21st New Entry Henry Cecil 1943/01/11 United Kingdom Cecilh
=22nd =40th Olivia de Havilland 1916/07/01 France
Born in Japan, lived in USA
=22nd =37th Stephen Hawking 1942/01/08 United Kingdom Hawkis
=24th =34th Ian Brady 1938/01/02 United Kingdom Bradyi
=24th New Entry Bashar Al-Assad 1965/09/11 Syria Alassb
=26th 26th Richard Attenborough 1923/08/29 United Kingdom Attenr
=26th =40th Anna Wing 1914/10/30 United Kingdom Winga
=28th =50th Denis Healey 1917/08/30 United Kingdom Healed
=28th New Entry Bonnie Franklin 1944/01/06 United States Frankb
=28th =28th Mickey Rooney 1920/09/23 United States Roonem
=31st =43rd Bruce Forsyth 1928/02/22 United Kingdom Forsyb
=31st New Entry General Wojciech Jaruzelski 1923/07/06 Poland Jaruzg
33rd 25th Vera Lynn 1917/03/20 United Kingdom Lynnv
34th =23rd Jerry Lewis 1926/03/16 United States Lewisj
35th New Entry Jiroemon Kimura 1897/04/19 Japan Kimurj
36th New Entry Chuck Berry 1926/10/18 United States Berryc
37th New Entry Christopher Lee 1922/05/27 United Kingdom Leec
=38th =15th Aretha Franklin 1942/03/25 United States Franka
=38th New Entry Van Cliburn 1934/07/12 United States Clibuv
=38th 30th Penny Marshall 1943/10/15 United States Marshp



List of people in the drop forty by year

  • Blank - Died and cannot be picked anymore
  • No - Person was in the drop forty, but was not in the top forty because of less picks
  • Yes - Person is in the drop forty
Person 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Elizabeth Taylor Template:Y
Seve Ballesteros Template:Y
Christopher Hitchens Template:Y
Kim Jong-Il Template:Y
Peter Falk Template:Y
Betty Ford Template:Y
Abdelbaset Al Megrahi Template:Y Template:Y
Anna Wing Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y
Vera Lynn Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y
Lindsay Lohan Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:N
Danny Baker Template:Y Template:N Template:N Template:N
Dick Cheney Template:Y Template:N Template:N Template:N
Zsa Zsa Gabor Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y
Kirk Douglas Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y
Nelson Mandela Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y

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