Vital statistics
Type Dragon
Country Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia
Gender 50% Male, 50% Female
Weaknesses Ice, Dragon (Generations 1-V)
Ice, Dragon, Fairy (Generation VI-)
Evolves from Dratini
Evolves to Dragonite
First Appearance Pokemon Red and Blue, 1996
Last Appearance None

Dragonair is a Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation I.

Dragonair evolves from Dratini starting at level 30 and evolves to Dragonite starting at level 55.

Pokemon Go

Dragonair appears in the app Pokemon Go, with their evolutions Dratini representing Colombia and Dragonite representing Croatia. Dragonair can be evolved from Dratini if the player has 25 Dratini candy. Dragonair can evolve into Dragonite if the player has 100 Dratini candy.

Dragonair is down in the Pokedex in the Generation 1 Pokedex, as it is #148.

Dragonair and Dratini advanced to the Group A finals of The Mask Singer season 3, while Dragonite failed to qualify.