Crystal Grierson (who is also known as Miss World Canada) was a contestant from Ottawa, Ontario on the Wipeout Canada edition of Beauties vs. Geeks. She was not chosen to be in the Kelsi Nielsen vs. Pearl Krabs edition in Canadian arm wrestling. She was eliminated in the Sweeper, losing to Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale). Grierson was a contestant on Ben and Toad's Contest season 2, and ended up being fired in week 3 because Yoshino Tanaka and Maria Gravigi-De Candia disliked her at the party in both cities.

She was fired by Donald Trump by doing impression and a chat to Pembroke's three contestants Nicky Sapera, Evan Cundal, Allen Ford and Greater Napanee's own singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, but she was eliminated second from the United States version of The Apprentice.


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