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The Cheeks family is a Nickelodeon family for Sandy Cheeks and the rest of the whole family.


Sandy CheeksEdit

Sandy Cheeks is the main female character of the Cheeks family. She is played by Carolyn Lawrence, but she lives in a treedome, she gets fleas in A Flea in Her Dome and SpongeBob's Last Stand. Sandy Cheeks is also from Orléans, Ontario (part of Ottawa, ON) because Sandy Cheeks lives near the house of Crystal Grierson of Ottawa.

Randall CheeksEdit

341px-A Flea in Her Dome
Randall Cheeks is Sandy's main brother in the Cheeks family. He is only mentioed in Beauties vs Geeks.

Mr. CheeksEdit

Mr. Cheeks is the father of Sandy Cheeks and Randall Cheeks.

Ms. CheeksEdit

Ms. Cheeks is the mother of Sandy Cheeks and Randall Cheeks.

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