Vital statistics
Type Fire
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Gender 87.5% Male, 12.5% Female
Weaknesses Ground, Rock, Water
Evolves from None
Evolves to Charmeleon
First Appearance Generation I, 1996
Last Appearance Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, 2015

Charmander is a Fire type starter Pokemon introduced in Generation I. Charmander evolves into Charmeleon starting at level 16 and later into Charizard starting at level 36. Charmander, along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle, can be chosen in the player's starting journey in the Kanto region.

Pokemon Shuffle

004Charmander PSMD
At the fourth stage of the Puerto Blanco area and fourth overall, Charmander is one of the earliest Pokemon the player can get in Pokemon Shuffle.

Charmander has 40 AP with Power of 4 ability, and can be replaced with a Pokemon that has at least 50 or 60 AP if the player successfully catches it. Since Charmander has no secondary type, it is strong against Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel type Pokemon.


  • If the player chose Charmander as their starter, the first two Gym Leaders, who specialize in Rock and Water types, will be hard to battle since Fire is weak to them.
  • In Pokemon X and Y, if the player chose Charmander, then the Rock type Gym will be hard to battle.