Darbus cell phone

Cell phones appear in High School Musical, Wipeout Canada, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. Ms. Darbus and Mrs. Puff hates them because of their annoyance in the classroom. When a student is caught with a phone, she will come around with a bucket to collect the phones, then she will hand out detentions and it belongs to Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen. It is cell phones which brought Troy and Gabriella together because in the beginning of the first movie, they exchange numbers. When Troy thinks he sees her enter Ms. Darbus' room, he calls her to see if she is in the room, which she is. In the first movie before the auditions for Twinkle Towne begin, the bell rings and Ms. Darbus believes it to be a cell phone. -(the Bell rings) -Ms Darbus-"Is that a cell phone?!!" -Kelsi-"No ma'am, that's the warning bell."

Empress Tasha likes to take away cell phones in Ben and Toad's Contest season 1, but Trump said "You are correct.".

Steve Jobs and Jiroemon Kimura don't like having cell phones to class as Kimura said they are allowed only at recess.

There were more jobs when cell phones were less common and the only Pembroke contestant who steals it much more is Allen Ford.

On Pembroke, Ontario, it was much more boring to have cell phones than at Ben and Toad's Contest competitions.

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