Captain Falcon is an unlockable character from F-Zero in SSB, Brawl, All-Star Brawl (Beauties) and he was (a starter in Melee) who hates Brandolynn Bentley in Chocolate Thunder and Kelsi Nielsen in Wipeout Canada.

Special Moves Edit

  • Neutral Special Move:Falcon Punch
  • Side Special Move:Raptor Boost
  • Up Special Move:Falcon Dive
  • Down Special Move:Falcon Kick
  • Final Smash:Blue Falcon

Snake Codec Message Edit

Snake:"Hey! That's Captain Falcon, isn't it!"

Otacon:"Good Eye, Snake! He's F-Zero pilot number 07!"

Snake:"You know, seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... We should do that thing we've always wanted to try..."

Otacon:"Ohhhh yeah! That thing! Good idea! OK, ready? Go!"

Snake:"Falcon Puuuunch!"

Otacon:"Falcon Kiiiiiiick!"

Who knew Snake and Otacon were such big Captain Falcon fans.

Fighting against Captain Falcon Edit

Captain Falcon can be a difficult adversary. If you have projectile attacks, abuse them until Falcon starts deflecting them with the Raptor Boost. When this happens, Keep yor distance and trick him into using the Raptor Boost when he thinks a projectile attack is coming. While he's vulnerable, inflict as much damage as possible.

If your character doesn't excel in projectile attacks, stay close to Captain Falcon to limit his ability to use the Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick. Stay out of the air when you're near the edges to avoid the Raptor Boost trap, and focus on quick standard attacks until Falcon is vulnerable to a slower, more powerful attack.

See Also Edit

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