Bernice Madigan


July 24, 1899, USA


Massachusetts, United States


Massachusetts' oldest living person
7th oldest living person

Bernice Madigan (born July 24, 1899) is a verified American supercentenarian, Massachusetts' oldest living person in the state, but not the country, the third oldest living American (only behind Jeralean Talley and Susannah Mushatt Jones) and one of the top 10 oldest living people in the world. On December 17, 2012, when Dina Manfredini passed away, she entered the top 5 oldest living Americans (even though Mamie Rearden was the oldest living American until her death).

Currently Madigan resides in Cheshire, Massachussetts. In 2008, when she was a centenarian, she was taken to the hospital.

Madigan also appeared in Arm Melter 16, where she is one of the top 10 oldest members, behind Dina Manfredini, Jiroemon Kimura, Koto Okubo, Misawo Okawa, Mamie Rearden, Maria Redaelli-Granoli, Elsie Thompson, Jeralean Talley and Susannah Mushatt Jones. At the time of the event occurs, Hatsue Ono died and came to the top 10.

In 2012, Brooke Burke and Kristi Yamaguchi would have been choosing Madigan as the host of Ben and Toad's Contest, but they chose a host that was born between 1896-1898 and she chose Besse Cooper because she's the oldest living person in the world until week 10, before her death. Also they should have been choosing Susannah Jones as a co-host, but they chose Koto Okubo instead because she was born between 1896-1898.


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