High School Musical 3- Senior Year DS
The Bachelor (Bernadette's Potty Mouth) is the only Wipeout Canada episode to not feature Ditchin' and Sailor Mouth.


In one scene where we see Christine Roy, Birdo plays the songs from High School Musical 3: Senior Year arm wrestling rematch of Can I Have This Dance? vs. Right Here, Right Now, but the song Can I Have This Dance? from High School Musical 3: Senior Year wins and Birdo said that, but when Kelsi Nielsen said "It was only played in Chocolate Thunder". Kelsi Nielsen said Petawawa, Ontario and Pembroke, Ontario are both the most beautiful places in the province of Ontario and the entire Renfrew County. The episode aired two days after Ruth Bruce died in the United States.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sweeper DizzyCanadian Dummy WipeoutCanadian Zone
Place Contestant(s)'sWeek Results
1 'Conductor' Seth Mohr 1st (00:56,03)* ** *** **** 5th 4th Winner (01:50,13)
2 'Minister' Ken Sullivan (01:15,40)**** 4th 3rd 2nd Place (01:59,63)
3 'Cheerleader' Jonathan Huisman (01:30,23)**** 1st 1st***** Out Of Time
4 'Bachelor' Dylan Bryngelson (?)**** 3rd 2nd Out Of Time
5 'Ginger Ninja' Austin Fannin (?)**** 2nd Eliminated
6 'Elastic Man' Ryan Duchak (?) 6th Eliminated
7 'Fastfood Fanatic' Danielle Schon (?) 7th Eliminated
8 'Little Pilot' Brooke DeBacker (?)* *** **** Eliminated
9 'Firefighter' Christine Roy (?) Eliminated
10 'Lawyer' Brandi Lee Neil 12th (03:09,13) Eliminated
11 'Dog Lover' Shannon Elmer (?) Eliminated
12 'Potty Mouth' Bernadette Lagrito (?)* Eliminated
13 'Silly Mortician' David Way Eliminated****
14 'Girly Scream' Frank Letkeman Eliminated****
15 Danyella 'Pretty Face' Perciballi Eliminated
16 'Total Freakout' Jennifer Thompson* Eliminated
17 Carole 'Not So Scottish' Alexander Eliminated
18 'Black Farmer' Nicholas Christopher Eliminated
19 Chris Rhora Eliminated
20 Whitney Wright Eliminated
  • Brooke DeBacker, Bernadette Lagrito and Seth Mohr were the first, second and third person to clear the Big Balls.
    • Seth Mohr was the first person to did not make single wipeout in the Qualifier.
      • Brooke DeBacker and Seth Mohr were the first and second who can cross the Topple Towers.
        • David Way, Brooke DeBacker, Frank Letkeman, Jonathan Huisman, Seth Mohr, Ken Sullivan, Austin Fannin and Dylan Bryngelson were the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth to cross Cookie Cutter Swing.
          • Jonathan Huisman got the free pass to the Wipeout Zone.
  • This is the first all-male Wipeout Zone in Wipeout Canada.
  • When Yoshi was putting Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend, Yoshi and Maria danced, and earned 30.
  • Jennifer Thompson became the first contestant to quit the Qualifier.
  • This is the first episode to not feature Plankton's Army, All That Glitters, Wishing You Well, Sailor Mouth and Ditchin'.
  • Second time Karen and Sharpay leaves All Stars.
  • This marks the first episode to see Gabriella and Sharpay leaving Pembroke.
  • This marks the first episode to see Yoshi without Squilliam.
  • First time there was a contestant saying "Wario is 2 times a national champion instead". Second was Chocolate Thunder.
  • In Chocolate Thunder, Sandy hibernates for the second time in the show.
  • Squilliam and Squidward will be absent again in East vs. West, Photo Bomber, Hot Cop and the Fuzz, The Knitting Ninja and Family Edition.
  • First time Kelsi Nielsen and Sharpay don't become friends.
  • After Pre-Hibernation Week, Sandy hibernates.
  • The obstacle course will return in Chocolate Thunder.

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