Beauties vs. Geeks is the third episode of Wipeout Canada. It aired in April 2011.

Only appearance of Standoff and Weldon, first appearance of Ottawa, Halifax and Edmonton.


Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier (Donuts, Sucker Punch Wall, Big Balls, Ball Swing) Ball Crusher Dizzy Dummy (Cylinder Run, Barrel Crossing) Wipeout Zone (Killer Surf, Barrel Run, Water Wall, Sponge Towel Spinner, Roller, Launch Pads)***
Place Contestant Results
1 'Latin Lover' Martin Ruben Alvaro 1st (01:25,23)* 2nd 2nd Winner (01:35,63)
2 'Nude Model' Reid Gustavson 5th (02:13,05) 1st 1st** 2nd Place (01:41,63)
3 "Mr. World Canada" Ron Wear 3rd (01:58,41) 6th 4th 3rd Place (02:55,07)
4 'Garbage Boy' Kevin Mathison 4th (02:02,02) 4th 3rd Out Of Time
5 'Smiley' Chelsea Tailfeathers 10th (02:53,00) 3rd Eliminated
6 Joel 'The Librarian' Sutherland 8th (02:25,34) 5th Eliminated
7 'Playboy Bunny' Taryn Johnston 9th (02:38,96) 7th Quit*
8 'Ant Lady' Kristi Rudmik 7th (02:23,11) Eliminated
9 "Miss World Canada" Crystal Grierson 6th (02:17,80) Eliminated
10 'Belly Buttonless Cheerleader' Brittany McLean 11th (03:11,23) Eliminated
11 'Double Deep' Desirea Kolthof 12th (03:18,09) Eliminated
12 'Mr. July' Matthew Hage 2nd (01:52,17) Eliminated
13 'Nerdiest Geek Ever' Ron Langton Eliminated
14 'Ladies Man' Bimal Lakhani Eliminated
15 'Grass Man' Eric Lyons Eliminated
16 'Miss Conception'** Eliminated
17 'Geeky Cutie' Terri Jonah Eliminated
18 Tony Norman Eliminated
19 'Robot Geek' Lyndsey Lewis Eliminated
20 Angel Simon Eliminated
  • Reid Gustavson won the free pass to the Wipeout Zone.
  • During Pearl's sixteenth birthday (It's All About You, Boy), Birdo says it's Kelsi Nielsen.
  • This episode aired three days after the death of 114 year old oldest living man.