Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes and Sandra Lee vs. Lea Thompson is an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, airing on August 6, 2017.

Pee Saderd was the defending champion, but his song "ก่อนสิไป" meant that Saderd couldn't win the tournament. He was beaten by Joey Fatone, 6-4, 6-4, in the final, despite being match point down to Maneesh Gupta before Gupta retired.


Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes

Pee Saderd, James Hinchcliffe, Cameron Mathison, Gilles Marini, Hélio Castroneves, Joey Fatone, Apolo Anton Ohno and Mario Lopez will skip the game.
The Bachelors - Playing for CreatiVets

  • Wells Adams - He appeared on the 12th season of "The Bachelorette" in 2016 (with JoJo Fletcher)
  • Daniel Maguire - He appeared on the 12th season of "The Bachelorette" (with JoJo Fletcher) and the third season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2016
  • Robert Graham - He appeared on the 9th season of "The Bachelorette" (with Desiree Hartsock) and the first season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2014
  • Luke Pell - He appeared on the 12th season of "The Bachelorette" in 2016 and was one of JoJo Fletcher's final three choices
  • Chase McNary - He appeared on the 12th season of "The Bachelorette" in 2016 (with JoJo Fletcher)

The Bachelorettes - Playing for FosterMore

  • Jubilee Sharpe - She appeared on the 20th season of "The Bachelor" (with Ben Higgins) in 2015
  • Amanda Stanton - She appeared on the 20th season of "The Bachelor" (with Ben Higgins) in 2015 and the third season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2016
  • Lace Morris - She appeared on the 20th season of "The Bachelor" (with Ben Higgins) in 2015 and the third season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2016
  • Olivia Caridi - She appeared on the 20th season of "The Bachelor" (with Ben Higgins) in 2015
  • Caila Quinn - She appeared on the 20th season of "The Bachelor" (with Ben Higgins) in 2015 and was one of his final three choices; also appeared on the third season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2016
Sandra Lee vs. Lea Thompson



Seedings are standings after the conclusion of the 2017 Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio entering the 2017 ABC Supply 500; as in the repeat of Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group, there is no seedings by standings due to Joey Fatone playing the episode. The seeds are the same from the first episodes of seedings using standings before Funny Gals vs. Funny Guys and Louie Anderson vs. Christina Milian.

Due to the first game being Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes, only the Big 8 (Pee Saderd, James Hinchcliffe, Hélio Castroneves, Mario Lopez, Joey Fatone, Apolo Anton Ohno, Gilles Marini and Cameron Mathison) earned second round byes. Mario Lopez earned a second round bye despite being unseeded.

Out of the non-Big 8 seeds that made the third round, only four (Graham Rahal, Alexander Rossi, Max Chilton, and Ed Jones) made the third round. Additionally, all four are IndyCar drivers.

01.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (First round) 
02.   Croatia Dragonite (Second round)
03.   Honduras Hélio Castroneves (Quarterfinals) 
04.   Honduras Nidoking (First round)
05.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (First round)
06.   Ukraine Aurorus (Second round)
07.   France Simon Pagenaud (Second round)
08.   France Gilles Marini (Quarterfinals) 
09.   Australia Will Power (FIrst round)
10.   Australia Wario (Second round)
11.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (Third round)
12.   Uruguay Venusaur (Second round)
13.   Japan Takuma Sato (First round) 
14.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (Semifinals) 
15.   Belgium Alexander Rossi (Third round)
16.   Belgium Metagross (Second round)
17.   Brazil Tony Kanaan (Second round)
18.   Brazil Larvesta (First round) 
19.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (Semifinals) 
20.   Canada Cameron Mathison (Quarterfinals) 
21.   Switzerland Max Chilton (Fourth round)
22.   Switzerland Chespin (Second round)
23.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (First round)
24.   Slovakia Beedrill (Second round)
25.   Russia Marco Andretti (Second round) 
26.   Russia Pee Saderd (Final)
27.   England Ed Jones (Third round)
28.   England Jonathan Bald (First round)
29.   Turkey JR Hildebrand (Second round)
30.   Turkey Pidgeot (Second round)
31.   Poland Mikhail Aleshin (First round)
32.   Poland Joey Fatone (Champion)



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  32  Poland Joey Fatone 6 6  
 Spain Mario Lopez 2 4  
  32  Poland Joey Fatone W  
  14  Japan Apolo Anton Ohno +0.88  
3  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 6 1 4
  14  Japan Apolo Anton Ohno 3 6 6  
    32  Poland Joey Fatone 6 6
  26  Russia Pee Saderd 4 4
  8  France Gilles Marini 2 6 65  
19  Canada James Hinchcliffe 6 4 77  
19  Canada James Hinchcliffe +0.09
  26  Russia Pee Saderd W  
20  Canada Cameron Mathison 3 4
  26  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6  

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Croatia J Newgarden Bachelorettes  
 Bulgaria Mario Bachelors      Bulgaria Mario Lee  
 Sweden Hippowdon Bachelorettes    Spain C Muñoz Thompson  
 Spain C Muñoz Bachelors        Spain C Muñoz  
 Thailand M Piromporn Bachelors        Thailand M Piromporn w/o  
 Slovenia J Jakes Bachelorettes      Thailand M Piromporn Thompson
 Hungary Charizard Bachelors    Hungary Charizard Lee  
23  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Bachelorettes        Spain C Muñoz 6 4 2
        32  Poland J Fatone 4 6 6
      32  Poland J Fatone Thompson  
 Paraguay MR Alvaro Bachelors    Paraguay MR Alvaro Lee  
 Serbia Volcarona Bachelorettes       32  Poland J Fatone 6 6
 Iran A Ford Bachelors       11  Uruguay G Rahal 4 3  
 Croatia H Ward Bachelorettes      Iran A Ford Lee
 Portugal Diggersby Bachelorettes   11  Uruguay G Rahal Thompson  
11  Uruguay G Rahal Bachelors  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
15  Belgium A Rossi Bachelors  
 Greece L Birkhead Bachelorettes     15  Belgium A Rossi Thompson  
 Thailand L Wongsakorn Bachelorettes    Turkey Donkey Kong Lee  
 Turkey Donkey Kong Bachelors       15  Belgium A Rossi 6 5r  
         Spain M Lopez 4 6  
       Spain M Lopez Thompson
 Estonia P Demers Bachelors    Estonia P Demers Lee  
31  Poland M Aleshin Bachelorettes        Spain M Lopez 6 6
17  Brazil T Kanaan Bachelors        Romania Eevee 2 2
 Czech Republic C Kimball Bachelorettes     17  Brazil T Kanaan Lee  
 Denmark Avalugg Bachelorettes    Romania Eevee Thompson  
 Romania Eevee Bachelors        Romania Eevee 1 6 6
 Netherlands E Smith Bachelors        Netherlands E Smith 6 4 4  
 Thailand M Kankoon Bachelorettes      Netherlands E Smith Thompson
 Azerbaijan Decidueye Bachelors    Azerbaijan Decidueye Lee  
5  Ukraine S Dixon Bachelorettes  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      3  Honduras H Castroneves Thompson  
 Czech Republic U Kestenholz Bachelors    Czech Republic U Kestenholz Lee  
 Greece Diddy Kong Bachelorettes       3  Honduras H Castroneves 6 6  
 Kazakhstan E Plushenko Bachelorettes        Cyprus B Guy 2 4  
 Cyprus B Guy Bachelors      Cyprus B Guy Thompson
 Thailand T Pooslip Bachelorettes   24  Slovakia Beedrill Lee  
24  Slovakia Beedrill Bachelors       3  Honduras H Castroneves 6 7
25  Russia M Andretti Bachelors        Kazakhstan Litten 1 5
 Romania Vaporeon Bachelorettes     25  Russia M Andretti Lee  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Bachelorettes    Kazakhstan Litten Thompson  
 Kazakhstan Litten Bachelors        Kazakhstan Litten 6 6
 Italy M Manieri Bachelors        Italy M Manieri 2 3  
 Ecuador D Lachey Bachelorettes      Italy M Manieri Thompson
 Iran C Daly Bachelorettes   10  Australia Wario Lee  
10  Australia Wario Bachelors  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      14  Japan AA Ohno Thompson  
PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Bachelorettes    Thailand N Naurepol Lee  
 Thailand N Naurepol Bachelors       14  Japan AA Ohno 6 6  
 Chile Rowlet Bachelors       27  England E Jones 2 1  
 Canada Fennekin Bachelorettes      Chile Rowlet Lee
 France Gardevoir Bachelorettes   27  England E Jones Thompson  
27  England E Jones Bachelors       14  Japan AA Ohno 6 6
22  Switzerland Chespin Bachelors        United States R Jennings 3 2
 Italy Popplio Bachelorettes     22  Switzerland Chespin Lee  
 Italy A Sabato Jr. Bachelorettes    United States R Jennings Thompson  
 United States R Jennings Bachelors        United States R Jennings 6 2 6
 Greece Snorunt Bachelors        Greece Snorunt 4 6 1  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bowser Bachelorettes      Greece Snorunt Thompson
 Bulgaria Luigi Bachelorettes   6  Ukraine Aurorus Lee  
6  Ukraine Aurorus Bachelors  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      8  France G Marini Thompson  
 Armenia C Nicholson Bachelorettes    Spain J Ruiz Lee  
 Spain J Ruiz Bachelors       8  France G Marini 4 6 7  
 Thailand J Jaturong Bachelors       LL  Russia Galvantula 6 2 5  
 Hungary C Marshall Bachelorettes      Thailand J Jaturong Lee
LL  Russia Galvantula Bachelors   LL  Russia Galvantula Thompson  
18  Brazil Larvesta Bachelors       8  France G Marini 6 6
28  England J Bald Bachelorettes        Lithuania R Duchak 2 3
 Spain Gyarados Bachelors      Spain Gyarados Lee  
 Yemen F Mohamed Bachelors    Yemen F Mohamed Thompson  
 Czech Republic A Tancos Bachelorettes        Yemen F Mohamed 1 1
 Iceland Scolipede Bachelorettes        Lithuania R Duchak 6 6  
 Lithuania R Duchak Bachelors      Lithuania R Duchak Thompson
 Belarus Tyranitar Bachelors    Belarus Tyranitar Lee  
9  Australia W Power Bachelorettes  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
12  Uruguay Venusaur Bachelors  
 Thailand T Chainarong Bachelorettes     12  Uruguay Venusaur Lee  
 Colombia G Chaves Bachelors    Colombia G Chaves Thompson  
 United States Z Veach Bachelorettes        Colombia G Chaves 1 6 3  
 United States Magearna Bachelorettes        United States E Carpenter 6 3 6  
 United States E Carpenter Bachelors      United States E Carpenter Thompson
 China R Liu Bachelorettes   29  Turkey JR Hildebrand Lee  
29  Turkey JR Hildebrand Bachelors        United States E Carpenter 1 3
        19  Canada J Hinchcliffe 6 6
      19  Canada J Hinchcliffe Thompson  
 Slovakia JR Celski Bachelors    Slovakia JR Celski Lee  
 Colombia JP Montoya Bachelorettes       19  Canada J Hinchcliffe 7 3 6
 Australia Arcanine Bachelorettes        Belgium L Bass 5 6 1  
 Belgium L Bass Bachelors      Belgium L Bass Thompson
 Netherlands Froakie Bachelors    Netherlands Froakie Lee  
4  Honduras Nidoking Bachelorettes  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
7  France S Pagenaud Bachelors  
 United States Z Efron Bachelorettes     7  France S Pagenaud Lee  
 Sweden Heracross Bachelorettes    Lithuania Leavanny Thompson  
 Lithuania Leavanny Bachelors        Lithuania Leavanny 6 4 5  
 Luxembourg D Carey Bachelors       20  Canada C Mathison 2 6 7  
 Wales E Cundal Bachelorettes      Luxembourg D Carey Lee
    20  Canada C Mathison Thompson  
        20  Canada C Mathison 6 6
30  Turkey Pidgeot Bachelors        Latvia Machamp 3 3
 Japan K Sugimori Bachelorettes     30  Turkey Pidgeot Lee  
 Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro Bachelorettes    Latvia Machamp Thompson  
 Latvia Machamp Bachelors        Latvia Machamp 7 2 6
 Slovenia Landorus Bachelors        Slovenia Landorus 5 6 1  
 Japan P Birch Bachelorettes      Slovenia Landorus Thompson
 Austria Thundurus Bachelorettes   16  Belgium Metagross Lee  
16  Belgium Metagross Bachelors  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
13  Japan T Sato Bachelorettes  
 Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Bachelors      Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Lee  
 India M Gupta Bachelors    India M Gupta Thompson  
 Japan Lapras Bachelorettes        India M Gupta 6 5r  
 Thailand P Pongsatorn Bachelorettes       26  Russia P Saderd 3 5  
PR  United Kingdom B Monger Bachelors     PR  United Kingdom B Monger Lee
    26  Russia P Saderd Thompson  
        26  Russia P Saderd 6 6
21  Switzerland M Chilton Bachelors       21  Switzerland M Chilton 4 4
 Italy R Michelli Bachelorettes     21  Switzerland M Chilton Thompson  
 United States S Pigot Bachelors    United States S Pigot Lee  
 Mexico E Gutierrez Bachelorettes       21  Switzerland M Chilton 6 6
 Poland D Taylor Bachelorettes        Serbia Salamence 2 4  
 Serbia Salamence Bachelors      Serbia Salamence Thompson
 Argentina Sceptile Bachelorettes   2  Croatia Dragonite Lee  
2  Croatia Dragonite Bachelors  

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