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Austria is a landlocked country in the continent of Europe. Austria shares borders with eight countries; including Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Austria is a member of UEFA in soccer competitions. Their team only qualified for seven World Cups and hosted Euro 2008 with Switzerland. Austria also qualified for the Euro 2016 competition in France after winning Group H that was containing Russia and Sweden.

BATC Championships

Austria hosted the event took place on July 26, 2014. The event was originally scheduled for the week after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final in Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil. There were 32 nations participating from 5 confederations. Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand was eliminated from the qualification after losing the playoff to Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina. 15 nations from UEFA, 4 from CONCACAF, 6 from CONMEBOL, 3 from CAF and 4 from AFC (including Flag of Australia.svg Australia) are participating.

Qualified nations
Final standings
Rank Country Confederation
1 Flag of Germany.svg Germany UEFA
2 Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil CONMEBOL
3 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands UEFA



One of Austria's most popular sports is alpine skiing. Association football is another popular sport; with the Austrians qualifying for at least 1 FIFA World Cup. Austrian alpine skiers have took home more medals at the Winter Olympics than any other nation. It is one of the three nations that have won more medals at the Winter Games than the Summer Games, besides Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein and Flag of Norway.svg Norway.