Annie Jennings


November 12, 1884


November 20, 1999

Age of death

115 years, 8 days

Annie Jennings, née ThomasTemplate:Citation needed (12 November 1884 – 20 November 1999) was a British supercentenarian and the world's second oldest living person, after American Sarah Knauss, at Jennings' death at age 115 years 8 days.[1] Jennings hailed from Chesterfield, Derbyshire[2] where she celebrated her 114th birthday.[3] She became the oldest living person in the United Kingdom following the death of Lucy Jane Askew on 9 December 1997.[4] Jennings held the title for about two years and was succeeded as the oldest person in the UK by Eva Morris. A teacher who never had children, she is second only to Charlotte Hughes on the UK's all time list, and the 29th oldest undisputed person on record.

Jennings disliked being in the Guinness Book of Records.[5] She was the last surviving person documented as born in 1884.


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See alsoEdit

Preceded by
Lucy Askew
Oldest person in Europe
9 December 1997 – 20 November 1999
Succeeded by
Eva Morris
Preceded by
Lucy Askew
Oldest person in the United Kingdom
9 December 1997 – 20 November 1999
Succeeded by
Eva Morris

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