Alexa Vega
Alexa Vega 2013 (cropped)


August 27, 1988

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Alexa Vega (born August 27, 1988) is an American film and television actress. She has acted in various TV shows including Spy Kids. Born in Miami, Florida, she moved to California at a young age to pursue her acting career.

In 2014, she was married to Big Time Rush star Carlos Pena; and changed her last name to PenaVega.


On August 27, 2015, she was announced as a season 21 contestant; on her 27th birthday. By marring Carlos, they will be the first married couple to compete on Dancing with the Stars against each other.

Vega's professional partner is Mark Ballas.


Vega was announced as a season 7 contestant after Dancing with the Stars announced her and Carlos. They will be the first married couple to compete on Ben and Toad's Contest against each other.

After BATC season seven, Vega will compete regularly with the season 8 contestants during the 2016 IndyCar Series season. She will not appear in the first weeks of the season and the IndyCar off weeks. Template:Dancing with the Stars Season 21