2007 is the year the second movie of the HSM series High School Musical 2 was released, the premiere of Phineas and Ferb, debut of Rosalina, Mario Party 8 is released for Nintendo Wii.

This is the first year to use the scoring system to add unique picks, unlucky 13 for those who died on the 13th (Jiroemon Kimura died on the 12th, missed by a day), unnatural causes (that's suicide, fall, murders, etc.), and party poopers (for those who died on their birthday, for example Astrid Zachrison died on her 113th birthday or Christmas Day). Now they originally wanted to have 18-29 get 12 points, but 16-29 for the only year because they don't allow elementary school students. 2014 and 2015 will be using this scoreboard.

January 15 - 2007 Australian Open starts.
  • November 27 - DWTS Season 5: Portugal and Paraguay beat favourite England for the winner's trophy; the Portuguese being older by 19 days.

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